drg. Ivan Liwu Sp.Pros
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 drg. Ivan Liwu Sp.Pros

drg. Ivan Liwu embarked on his dental journey with a graduation from Trisakti University in 2014. His passion for dentistry and commitment to excellence led him to a specialization in prosthodontics, a journey that culminated in his graduation in 2019. In the ever-evolving field of digital dentistry, he stands out as a dedicated professional who embraces innovation and cutting-edge techniques, ensuring that his patients receive the most advanced and effective treatments available.

Specialty: Prosthodontist
Length of Work: 

About  drg. Ivan Liwu Sp.Pros

Beyond his clinical practice, Drg. Ivan plays a crucial role as a dental lab advisor at Indo Dental Lab. His discerning approach to selecting the most suitable materials for tooth rehabilitation has a profound impact on patient outcomes. This commitment to the art and science of prosthodontics, coupled with his innovative spirit, positions Drg. Ivan Liwu as a key figure in the field, constantly pushing the boundaries of modern dentistry and enhancing the quality of care for his patients


Dental treatment using digital dentistry
Tooth restoration material selection
Oral rehabilitation treatment planning


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