drg. Ricky Sanjaya, Sp. BM
drg Ricky

drg. Ricky Sanjaya, Sp. BM

Fully licensed medical practitioner in internal medicine, bringing comprehensive years of experience working in hospital and clinical settings. Also coming with a track record of working with minority and low income populations.

Specialty: Oral Surgeon
Length of Work: 

About drg. Ricky Sanjaya, Sp. BM

Dr. Ricky obtained his dentistry degree from the Faculty of Dentistry at Trisakti University. Following this, he pursued advanced studies in oral surgery through a postgraduate program at the University of Indonesia.

To enhance his expertise and stay updated with the latest advancements, Dr. Ricky actively participated in numerous seminars and courses across the region, including Singapore, Taiwan, and Bangkok. Additionally, he participated in a residency exchange program at Kagoshima University, Japan. Since 2012, Dr. Ricky has been a valued member of the INDO DENTAL CENTER team, currently serving as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMFS).


Detailed advice on cardiac surgery
Diagnosis of cardiac pathologies
The choice of research method, depending on the disease
Careful monitoring in the postoperative period
Competent completion of working documentation


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dental anesthetic
Oral Surgery
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