drg. Petrina Chandra, Sp.KG
drg Petrina

drg. Petrina Chandra, Sp.KG

Fully licensed medical practitioner in internal medicine, bringing comprehensive years of experience working in hospital and clinical settings. Also coming with a track record of working with minority and low income populations.

Specialty: Endodontist
Length of Work: 

About drg. Petrina Chandra, Sp.KG

Dr. Petrina graduated from Trisakti University in 2017, specializing in endodontics. She has distinguished herself in global contests, both nationally and internationally, showcasing her expertise in the field. Dr. Petrina has further enriched her knowledge through participation in numerous seminars focused on endodontics. She currently specializes in managing complex oral and dental issues, particularly those involving root canals and endodontic treatments.


Preserving tooth as long as it could
Management of dental abscess
Careful treatment of dental trauma


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