drg. Jeanice Felincia
Jeanice Felincia

drg. Jeanice Felincia

Drg. Jeanice Felincia, a 2020 graduate of Maranatha University's Faculty of Dentistry, is a compassionate general dentist with a strong commitment to patient care, exceptional communication skills, and remarkable resilience.

Specialty: General Dentist
Expertise: Home Oral Care Education
Length of Work: Since 2000

About drg. Jeanice Felincia

Drg. Jeanice Felincia is a dedicated general dentist who approaches her work with passion and a strong commitment to patient care. With her exceptional communication skills and genuine empathy, she forges meaningful connections with her patients.

Graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry at Maranatha University in 2020 during challenging times has instilled in her a remarkable strength and resilience that she brings to her practice every day.


Crafting comprehensive and holistic treatment plan
Dental Health Education Enthusiast
Detailed advice on home oral care
Maintaining direct communication with patients


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